I'm currently seeking full time employment. These pages are in the process of being updated, but feel free to contact me with questions. — Rich

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Rich Tatum

Personality Profile based on the "Big Five" test

For more abot the Five-Factor personality test see the Wikipedia entry. Salient quote:

In the area of job performance, Barrick and Mount (1991, 1998) reviewed 117 studies utilizing 162 samples with 23,994 participants. They found that conscientiousness showed consistent relations with all performance criteria for all occupational groups. Extraversion was a valid predictor for occupations involving social interaction (e.g. management and sales). Furthermore, extraversion and openness to experience were valid predictors of training proficiency criteria.
Big Five / Five Factor personality test

Trait Explanations

As with all personality tests, take this with a healthy dose of salt. My biggest disagreement with the results of this particular test is its measurement of my extraversion. While I function excellently in social situations, I'm a functional introvert: I recharge my batteries by getting away and finding solitude.


You are much more intellectually curious and sensitive to beauty than most. Your beliefs tend to be individualistic and frequently drift towards the unconventional. You enjoy your imagination and the exciting places it takes you!


You avoid forseeable trouble through purposefully planning and achieve success through persistence. You are reliable and in control of your life.


You are energetic and active. You enjoy and actively seek out social occasions, and especially enjoy talking with a big group of people.


You are extremely easy to get along with. You are considerate, friendly, generous and helpful and you consider most other people to be thoroughly decent and trustworthy.


You are calm and emotionally stable. Things rarely bother you, and when they do get you down the feeling does not persist for long.

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