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Online Media Managing Editor Job Description
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Rich Tatum

Job Description for Online Media Managing Editor

Employee: Rich Tatum
Department: Resources
Supervisor: Kevin A Miller, Vice President

Basic Purpose:

To create or acquire online media, and ultimately to lead a team in creating online media that engage, encourage, and equip Christians worldwide.

Primary Job Functions:

The Managing Editor, Online Media has the ability to:

  • Work with a team to identify the best available multimedia content that helps Christians study the Bible, learn how to live the Christian life, gain training for church responsibilities, and understand vital “hot topic” issues.
  • In consultation with supervisor, the Strategic Alliances team, and the Resources new product development team, contract with multimedia providers to use selected content in online courses, seminars, podcasts, or other applications.
  • Edit or supervise the editing of final video cuts intended for online courses and seminars.
  • Write related course materials as needed: PowerPoint slide script, journal activities, quizzes and answers, message board conversation starters, application activities, and small-group discussion guide.
  • Assign, review the work of, and pay freelancers to design PowerPoint slides, transcribe audio, design certificates and user interfaces, and/or edit video as needed.
  • Cue slides to points in the video; insert all course content into software as needed.
  • Review all content to ensure it’s accurate, biblical, and engaging.
  • Script and create engaging “intros” and “outros” for online video and audio.
  • Monitor the budget and schedules so that everything goes out within deadline and budget.
  • Monitor online message board contents, as assigned.

Secondary Job Functions:

  • As assigned, write article for CTCourses email newsletter.
  • Work with third-party vendors, such as Accordent and Nine Systems, to improve features and functionality of course and seminar interface, site, stores, customer-care tools, and reporting tools.
  • As assigned, assist Customer Care with technical questions and documentation.
  • Help develop new media resources by suggesting ideas, reviewing CTI consumer research surveys and results, developing prototypes, and holding conversations with users or potential users.
  • Acquire new skills with video-editing and audio-editing software, as needed.
  • As assigned, assist the Rapid Response team, Christian Vision Project, or New Product Development team, in evaluating or producing online media.
  • Maintain online user help documentation at all online media websites.

Job Qualification Requirements:

  • Education: Minimum of a bachelor's degree. Additional education or experience in Bible, Christian Theology, education, or curriculum development strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge/Skills: Thorough understanding of the broad spectrum of Protestant church life in America. Facility with computer programs, including Avid Xpress Pro or Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, and Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint) and ability to learn proprietary course-development programs. Project-management skills. Ability to write, copy-edit, and develop strategies. Skill in leading a team preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum of 2-3 years editorial experience. Experience leading people preferred.
  • Equipment Used: Computer, DVD, VCR, sound equipment, recording devices, telephone, photocopier, fax machine.
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