I want to hear from you. Call me!

Hey, I thought I’d give you, my faithful readers, a chance to let your voice be heard.

Give me a call at my voicemail number:

(630) 524-2255
(You get three minutes, unless you call back for more.)

Leave me a message on, say … anything! I’ll review the messages, delete any that are inappropriate, and the rest? Well, I’ll feature them right here on this blog.

So, here are some suggested topics for you to opine on:

  • What do you think about the recent resignation of Rev. Thomas Trask as the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God? This is the first time in our history a sitting Superintendent has resigned before his term was complete. What do you think? Who do you think would make a good candidate for the top slot?
  • What do you think is the main cause for the Assemblies of God’s failure to properly disciple new converts? What do you think are the best solutions to resolving the problem?
  • “You like me! You really like me!”

    In other words, tell the world why you like, or dislike, the BlogRodent blog. That is, why do you read here? What do you get out of it? Flattery will get you nowhere, of course, but it will give me a buzz. And that’s always a good thing, right? Criticism is helpful, too.

If none of these appeal to you, just talk about whatever you want.

So, give me a call and I’ll put your shout-out here next week — or whenever the calls come in.

The lines are open. I’m listening.


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7 Responses to I want to hear from you. Call me!

  1. Don says:


    Another site is doing a similar thing, exploring views on the upcoming General Council, reflecting on transitions. The site was linked from George P Wood’s site http://www.georgepwood.com/category/the-daily-word/.

    See the site “Future ag at:


    It has quite thoughtful discussion of issues. Too bad the minor stream thinking tradition of my movement is marginalized so much.

  2. Roberrific says:

    Hey Rich,

    I wanted to leave you a message about new age religion and social networking – do you think the internet will give birth to a new religion that is composed of everything thats good from all five major religions…?

    Take for example the success of Wondercafe.ca – thats http://wondercafe.ca/ if you have never been there. This is the future of a new kind of positive spiritual experience – and connected the community might become an effective political unit

    So blog about that will you?

  3. Common Swift says:

    I already posted an accolade on that “Best Religious Blogger” thing, so don’t press it Paco. ; )

    When are you going to post that letter from the Church saying how it repents for the lousy way it’s treated gays? I guess it got lost in all that junk mail of yours.

    Carry on people…

  4. Interesting idea. Someone did the same thing through a youtube.com movie…

    Waiting for the results,
    Zoltan Sebestyen

  5. Rich says:

    Hi all, so far I’ve had two voicemail messages left. Just so you know, it looks like you get three minutes to record your message. So, if you’re long-winded you might want to set up a timer or call back to expand on your expounding.


  6. Rob Brown says:

    I enjoyed reading some of your articles, (we)blogs etc….

    You always were good at presenting thought provoking ideas. Let us never forget the “pop” philosophies that we both explored and often discounted over several cups of “Whataburger Coffee”.

    You have two very cute kids and I am glad you are still writing.


  7. Bridget Bordeaux-Pool says:

    I have a situation that I feel was handeled wrong by La Palma Christian Center & the Southern California District Council – What can be done to change this? I had an issue with our Pastor and I wrote a really harsh letter I had been attending the church since 1987, this is now 2009. I had also been the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor for 7 plus years. I wrote the letter and expressed my concerns… Imagine my surprise when I received a telephone call from a member who said they heard about what happened, etc…. Well, turns out the Pastor, printed off my confidential email and distributed it to his staff and various members who were not involved… I was humiliated and upset, so I called the Pastor to request a meeting to discuss, he agreed, I told him that I wanted an explanation as to why he felt he could share private information with people who were not involved? He immediately wrote me back and said the board and I have decided that we will not meet with you and we hope you find a church where you can grow and be fed… I was outraged, so I asked the whole Board, “you are all willing to come to this conclusion without hearing my side, or meeting with me to discuss.” They said they were all in agreement with the Pastor…” I took my matter to the District Superintendent who then met with me and still to this day, I’ve received no explanation, no apology, nothing… Two other members have met with the Board demanding something be done… Nothing. I can’t believe that the leadership has show such a lack of concern… Please tell me your opinions and help me pray for this Board and leadership that has shown such a lack of character. What do you think?

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